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Tableau Information

Tableau Conference 2016 (link)
Tableau have collected around 300 videos from the latest conference. (You have to sign in to get access)

Tableau Community (link)
Tableau own community to connect Tableau users from around the world



Tableau Blogs

Paul Banoub's VizNinja Blog (Link)  Paul is a Tableau Ambassador and Tableau Zen Master!
Postings about data, vizualisation, business intelligence and my favourite professional application – Tableau

Tableau Reference Guide (link)
Very usefull site with articles on Graphing, Color, Calculations, Mapping, data, Level of Detail etc

The Last Data Bender, By Alan Eldridge at Tableau (link)

The Information Lab - Data School Blog (Link)

Silicon Valley Enterprise Tableau User Group (Link)
This group focuses on Enterprise Analytics. Organizations committed to improving data-driven decision-making processes are increasingly formulating an enterprise analytics strategy to guide the efforts in finding new patterns and relationships in data, understanding why certain results occurred, and forecasting future results.

Analytics Tutorials (Link)
Analytics Tuts is website that is dedicated for the analytics tutorials (R,SQL,Excel, Tableau etc.). I started this website as my personal blog to learn and share about analytics. In a very short span of time Analytics Tuts has managed to get 4000+ visitors per month and continuously increasing. I also completed my Tableau Certification.

Tableau Gurus (Link)

Tableau Zen (Link)
Mark is currently the Manager of Business Intelligence at Piedmont Healthcare in Atlanta, GA. He has been with Piedmont since 2010. Prior to Piedmont he spent 6 years with KPMG where he assisted a number of Fortune 1000 companies in both an advisory and an audit capacity. His industry experience has also been broad and varied, but primarily focused on healthcare, transportation, and information services. Mark’s innovative spirit has also led to the development of services and tools that have gained global exposure. Mark is also a nationally recognized leader in business intelligence solutions with expertise in data modeling, SQL, and data presentation tools. In 2013, Mark was recognized as a Tableau Zen Master.